Tadoba National Park

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Tadoba is situated in the Chandrapur district of east Maharashtra, and is located in the central Indian region. In 1986, the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was formed, and was eventually integrated into the national park in 1995, thus making the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

It is situated at around 150 km from Nagpur, the second state capital of Maharashtra and is spread over an immense 1,727 sq km. The dense Tadoba forest is bordered by forested hills on the western and northern front. These hills range in size from 200 meters to 350 meters in height. The Tadoba Lake is to the southwest of the national park, and covers an immense 120 hectares. This is an effective buffer between the preserved forest and the extensive farmlands which are found till the Irai water reservoir. Apart from this, Tadoba also has the Kolsa Lake and Andhari River as the alternate water sources.

The Tadoba forest land also includes the Chimur Hills, while the Andhari sanctuary includes the Kolsa and Moharli hill ranges. The sloping terrain from north to south has vast dense forested areas, dotted with smooth meadows and deep valleys. The southern region of the national park is less hilly and plainer.